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A Narrow Gauge Garden Railway in Rural Leicestershire

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 Theodore is a light road locomotive that originally worked for a Leicestershire based haulage company. He was purchased by the chairman of the N.L.R.R and currently resides at the sheds in Narborough, where he is fired up for special events, shunting heavy pieces of stock at the yards and workshop demonstrations. Theodore was Built in 1912 by Richard Garrett & Sons in Suffolk.

 Theodore is a Wilseco D405 traction engine, modified with road tyres and will eventually be repainted.


Railway Locomotives


Dylan is an open cabbed 0-4-0T Manning Wardle purchased by the N.L.J.Q.C for use in the internal quarry networks but spent most of her time at Croft due to her large size and power. When the N.L.L.R faced a motive power shortage during the second World War Dylan was one of the locomotives fitted with braking equipment to allow her to mainline trains, her large water tanks and coal bunker making her one of the quarry locomotives more suited to the task. During this time a temporary wooden cab was also fitted.

An early meths-fired Roundhouse Lady Anne, currently in the guise of a standard gauge locomotive. Plans have started to cut away the top of the cut down cab and rebuild a temporary one. The chimney will also have to be extended and the standard gauge buffers milled off and centre couplings added. 


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