The N&L.L.R

A Narrow Gauge Garden Railway in Rural Leicestershire

Miniature railway

Miniature railway

The N.J.R (Narborough Joint Railway) is the N.L.L.R's miniature railway, that is currently under construction. It is 15 inch gauge (OO gauge track). Two Locomotives are currently under construction, along with two open coaches.

Loco No.1

Loco No.1 is a British origin 0-4-4 tender tank. the loco is built upon a hornby 0-4-0 starter set loco chassis. The loco is battery powered, the batteries being stored in the 4 wheel tender behind the loco.

Loco No.2

Loco No.2 is based upon an American switcher. A chassis has not been secured for No.2 yet.


There are currently two open carriges under construction on the N.J.R. both are almost indetical, with some small detailing differences.



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