The N&L.L.R

A Narrow Gauge Garden Railway in Rural Leicestershire



The N.L.L.R's most used wagons are its aggregate transporters. The N.L.L.R ordered a large articulated hopper in order to relieve some of its smaller second hand four wheeled stock. It is currently under construction and will be trialled on the railway before being pressed into service. Up to two more of a refined design may be ordered if the first proves successful.

The first hopper was structurally completed during the first part of march and continued under evaluation on the railway for the rest of the month. 


The railway also owns a number of four wheeled hoppers and smaller tubs and skips. 



Flat wagons

The railway also owns a train of four flat wagons, these are generally used during winter maintainence and have come to be part of the 'logging train'.


Like all railways the N.L.L.R has its MOW wagons, the conist mainly of a dropside open wagon, flat wagon with cable reels, High-side open wagon, tanker, crane and crew coach. These wagons are manufactured by LGB and Playmobil.

During 2010 the railway rebuilt its snowplough, ready for the winter months. Originally the plow was loco mounted, now though a new frame has been constructed that allows the plow to be mounted on top of a small four wheeled flat wagon.




Being a preserved railway the N.L.L.R has much miscellaneous rolling stock, including Four large bogie wagons from the U.S.A, the lines largest pieces of rolling stock. The lines has a number of two axel goods vans of european origin. Also perhaps the lines strangest wagons, a pair of flat wagons carrying Large wooden beer Kegs. All these wagons are made by LGB, Bachmann, playmobil and Aristocraft.

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